Your decision to invest in family photos matters and is so important, whether you choose to do it annually or only occasionally. Family photoshoots will bring you closer as a family and you are all reminded of the love you have for each other and the importance of family.

Did you know that simply hanging family photos around the house boosts your children's self-esteem? It reminds them daily that they are loved and valued. They love to talk about the people in the images and remember the day you had the shoot and what fun they had. This is yet another reason why family portraits are so vital.

From newborn to adulthood, the importance of family photoshoots remains the same!

6 Reasons as to Why You Should Have a Family Photoshoot

  • Capture Growth
  • Relive The Memories
  • No One is Stuck Behind The Camera
  • Share With Loved Ones
  • They Are Fun!
  • Is a Family Photoshoot Worth it?

Capture Growth

Family photos are a wonderful opportunity to document the development of each child while they are still young, and you never know when the last opportunity for a family image will present itself once they are adults. Don't waste the chance to document life as it is right now, as messy and chaotic as it may seem!

Relive The Memories

Often, we don't appreciate the value of family photos until it's too late. Too frequently, we discover ourselves looking for photos of moments spent with a person after they are no longer around. 

The most beautiful photographs are those that make us smile and help us adjust to a new reality without the person nearby. If this does not stress the importance of family photoshoots, I don't know what will!

No One is Stuck Behind The Camera

I've had a number of conversations with parents in the past, and one of the main reasons they book a family photoshoot is that they are almost always the ones who are taking the photos, missing out on being in the pictures. This is usually mum. We are the picture takers and memory makers in the home. And we deserve to be remembered through images too.

A great family photographer will capture your family's love, genuine laughter, and personality. I will make sure that the families I capture choose a location they feel the most comfortable in, whether that be in the comfort of their own home or in a gorgeous outdoor location that the family love.

Lets roam wild fields, explore deep forests, play fairies or pirates or splash in rivers and muddy puddles.

By hiring a family photographer, you can be sure that the whole family is included. Don't miss these opportunities since, as a mother, you are one of your child's most important role models.

And, one day, your children will enjoy and appreciate seeing both of their parents in the pictures!

Share With Loved Ones

Many of us don't get to see our relatives as frequently as we would like. The pictures from a family photoshoot are a lovely gift to send to other family members, keeping you in touch and showing them how your children have grown and changed.

There are so many creative photo gift choices available nowadays, from cards to calendars, mugs and coasters, and canvas frames or simply to share on social media!

They Are Fun!

Its completely understandable why you may be intimidated by the thought of a family photoshoot. Many families have only ever participated in photos where everyone is squeezed together and instructed to pose or grin awkwardly.

You will be glad to know that family photoshoots don't have to look like this - not with me anyway! I adore getting to know you and your family, having a good time, and preserving your memories as honestly as I can.

Making a family photoshoot fun will relieve stress, let you and your kids play freely, allow you to just be real and capture genuine moments that showcase your family's wonderful bonds. 

In order to make your child feel more at ease and less like they are being forced to do something they don't want, I recommend being prepared with snacks, toys and most importantly your most calm and energized self!

Is a Family Photoshoot Worth it?

If you are asking yourself this question, the answer is an unquestionable yes. Why wouldn't you want to preserve your family's memories? You will only regret not having those photographs taken when you look back, so it is an investment that is worthwhile.

Your children will appreciate these fun and loving memories captured in years to come and so will you.

If you are ready to finally take the leap, then you can enquire about my services here. I would love to capture your family story.