You Deserve It!

Is there really any better reason than the fact that you have grown life in your body? From Chai seed to Watermelon, you have housed and nurtured your little one. You have grown arms, legs, eyelashes, tiny toes, and fingers. If that in itself is not a reason to celebrate then I don't know what is! Your body has been pushed to its limit. You have likely suffered morning sickness, stretch marks, heart burn, insomnia, strange cravings (sucking on sponges anyone??) and countless more weird and wonderful things associated with this growing life in your belly.

While you may not feel like it now, you will miss being pregnant. You will miss looking down at your bump imagining what the little one inside looks like. You will miss feeling those rolls and kicks, reminding mama that "Im in here." Wouldn't it be amazing to have some glorious images of this magnificent thing you have done to look back on? Not just a handful of blurry mirror selfies?

Or why not make it an occasion, get your hair and makeup done? Indulge in a mani/pedi? After 9 months of sharing your body with a tiny human - you deserve it Mama!

Credit @kyliebrewerphotography

No Regrets

While it's a thought none of us like to think, there's a chance that this one pregnancy may be the only one. And unlike other times in your life you cannot change your mind after the fact. Once you have birthed your Bub, there's no opportunity to go back, and you can't recreate that baby bump! So whether its your first, second or fifth, if you have ever had a the thought 'I would love some timeless photographs of me and my bump' I urge you to do it!

You can look at these images with your child when they are older and talk about how they lived in your tummy - they will probably find this hilarious! And you can look back in 10/20/30 years time and remember that you were amazing, your body is amazing and you are beautiful.

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Credit @Kate_Ventress_Photography

Get Siblings Involved!

I desperately regret not having a maternity shoot with my second baby. I would have loved to have had my son involved and get some spacial memories with him and the bump. It can be a bonding moment for them and for you. And its special isn't it? Those last few months and weeks with your first, your one and only, before they become one of two.


Get Creative

You can have so much fun with a maternity shoot, whether you want glamour, drama, fun or simple, the options are endless and its all up to you!

Heres a few ideas:

  • Bare it all - be brave, embrace your body and its burgeoning life. Head out into the forest, strip down and feel the empowerment that comes with it.
  • Go for Glam - Go Big! Get your hair styled, get your makeup done, put on a fancy dress, and be extra! (TIP: photographers may have a client wardrobe of outfits you can choose from!)
  • Fun & Creative - Ready to Pop theme, balloons and bubbles.
  • Simple Sunset - Sometimes the most beautiful images are the most simple shoots. Throw on a lace kimono, or button down flowy dress, grab some wildflowers and you're set. Beautiful images without too much stress.

Credit @annahornby

It doesn't take as long as you think!

People have this perception that photoshoots take hours to do, but in actual fact all you need is an hour and a half (sometimes not even that!) at sunrise or sunset, and that is more than enough time to make some magic.

One last tip - research your photographer, look at their previous work and book with someone whose style of work you are drawn to! Have chat with them before and make sure you feel at ease with them, a maternity shoot can be an intimate experience, and you will want to feel as comfortable with your photographer as you can to get the most out of the experience.

I hope you take the plunge and make these memories for yourself! You are so worth every beautiful memory you create.

Kylie xxx

Credit @kyliebrewerphotography

Credit @kyliebrewerphotography

Credit @kyliebrewerphotography